"Run football men!"

The Lost Clauses are pleased to announce that the original theme tune produced for "The Tottenham Hotspur Family Podcast" is now available to listen to on the Soundcloud page. Either click here or on the Soundcloud icon at the top right of the page or go to the "Listen" page.

The short piece was written in the style of a Chaz & Dave tune specifically for the podcast.The lyrics are below the photo of the "sleeve art", which, you may notice features "Vera", the logo "Pin Up" , sporting a delightful Spurs retro kit. Click on the photo to go to the podcast facebook page.

Las Lost Clauses se complacen en anunciar que la melodía del tema original producida para " The Tottenham Hotspur Family Podcast " ya está disponible para escuchar en la página de Soundcloud. Haga clic en el icono de Soundcloud en la parte superior derecha de la página o ir a la página de "Listen" para eschucharla . El breve pieza fue escrita en el estilo de una melodía Chaz & Dave específicamente para el podcast. Las letras están por debajo de la foto de la portada, en cual , puede observar " Vera" la chica "Pin Up" en un kit retro de Spurs. Haga clic en la foto para ir a la página de podcast de facebook .


Come On Tottenham, Stick in the Goal

Come On Tottenham, Don't be so bloody slow

You are the first team, the last team

My dreams have ever seen

Put on that Lillywhite and run on to that green

Verse 1:

White Hart Lane has seen it's pain, it's had it's lows an' highs

We've followed our team through thick and thin and all those Glory Nights

And when the game is done we'll sing our song and talk it out all night



Verse 2:

O! We've seen 'em come, we've seen 'em go, their names upon our shirt

Gods have failed as men are hailed and faces in the dirt

Now gather round and sing it out and we'll talk out all the hurt

The more perceptive of you will have noticed another voice running through the song and that is in fact a rendition of the Tottenham Hotspur Hall of Fame inductees at the time of recording (With the exception of the posthumous inductions who are Jimmy Dimmock, Arthur Grimsdell, Willie Hall, Ted Ditchburn & Ron Burgess...obviously)...

Chorus 1:

Nicholson, Brown, Baker & Henry Blanchflower, Mackay & Cliff Jones White, Smith, Allen, Dyson, Medwin Burkinshaw, Jennings, Mabbutt

Verse 1: And Mullery

Chorus 2: Lineker, Peters, Hoddle, Chivers, Ardiles Villa, Allen, Sheringham, Ginola Allen, Waddle, Anderton, Freund Beal, Coates, Pratt, England & Gilzean

Verse 2:


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