A-Ha! Nordic pop ahoy!

The Christmas season was cruel, a devastating stomach virus swept away all in it's path, leaving most band members prone an bereft at various points over the holiday period. The long recovery wave left the band with just two standing members on the first gathering of the new year, making the self imposed target of a three hour studio challenge even more complicated. Don battled the struggles of a bad back and Merrick the remnants of an unpleasant sore throat in a session reminiscent of the Relative Clauses duo days.

The premise is simple, deliver a studio cover within three hours, and with some trepidation, Don and Merrick did just that, even surprising themselves delivering the result in just two hours. When the session started, they had no idea as to what they were to cover and which style, the gentle, mournful ballad style that resulted was satisfying.

As ever, click on the cover art to listen to the track via soundcloud

Vocals, Keyboard, Percussion and Programming Merrick Wells Acoustic Guitar Donald Barnett

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