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No three hour challenge this week, Merrick was in London pursuing football related tomfoolery, leaving Ben and Don to twist in the wind, without direction or guidance. So instead we delve into the unpublished archives to bring you a favourite of the band that has waited to see the light of day.

Flight of the Conchords is a musical comedy series close to the heart of the band and their song "Business time", a funky pop satire of stale intercourse in a long term relationship has long been an aspiration. The band realised that the jokes would be utterly lost on a Spanish audience so they made the brave decision to create a version translated to Spanish.

Fernando provided an outstanding translation that Merrick then simplified and played with to add an extra layer of humour, to play on the band's feeble Spanish skills. The track was unleashed on an unsuspecting public at the Pint of Science event in May 2016, to a reaction of shock and laughter! Many people extended their sympathy to Merrick's wife...mission accomplished!

Track available to listen to via soundlcoud, just click on the picture.

Vocals, Keyboards, Drums & Bass - Merrick Wells Electric Lead Guitar - Benjamin Ansell Rhythm, Guitar & Backing Vocals - Fernando Bauluz Tolosa

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