Doctor Love : New Single

We proudly present our new original material, Doctor Love Part of the soundtrack for the Bulldogz podcast Shoot the Moon about the Operation Black Buck Vulcan bombing mission during the Falklands conflict

A piece we worked together over two sessions after a hiatus away from the studio. "It was a joy to get back in the studio again" Merrick Says. "Pilar had been working weekend jobs and we had been focused on other projects, so when we got a chance to make music again and created this in a relatively short space of time, it was thrilling!"

"Pilar had this idea that we recorded and played around with, and it was lovely, but just didn't feel quite right. In the end we simply sped the piece up and the result is what you hear now."

Music written by Benjamin Ansell, Pilar Ballester & Merrick Wells

Lyrics written by Pilar Ballester

Benjamin Ansell - Electric Guitars

Pilar Ballester - Vocals & Acoustic Rhythm Guitar

Merrick Wells - Backing Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion and Programming

Recorded at Man Cave Studios

Produced by Merrick Wells

© 2018 The Lost Clauses ℗ 2018 The Lost Clauses

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