Love's Lament - New Single

We proudly present our latest offering, the theme from Maybe Someday, Love's lament. Available as a video on youtube or to download with the full soundtrack suite for free

Love's Lament : The Theme for "Maybe Someday (Quizás un Día)

The theme from the Mediterranean Film Festival Best Soundtrack 2018, this has been in the can for quite some time before being dragged out into the light.

Music & Lyrics written by Fernando Baulaz Tortosa & Merrick Wells

Benjamin Ansell - Electric Guitars

Pilar Ballester - Vocals Donald Barnett - Acoustic Guitar

Fernando Baulaz - Rhythm Guitars

Merrick Wells - Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion and Programming

Recorded at Man Cave Studios Produced by Merrick Wells

© 2016 The Lost Clauses ℗ 2016 The Lost Clauses

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